Design Tools

Our design tools include:
  • VHDL
  • the market leading Mentor Graphics' Power PCB and Power Logic for PCB design and schematic capture
  • Lattice ispLEVER Development  system VHDL design tools for CPLD & FPGA synthesis & simulation
  • the Xilinx project navigator tool set
  • Cypress Warp Enterprise (featuring Aldec Acvite-HDL) tool sets for full PLD, CPLD & FPGA design & simulation
  • Cypress PSoC Designer and IAR ARM Workbench for 'C' & 'C++' software design.
    These tools include high performance In-Circuit-Emulators (ICE) for real-time source-level debugging
  • In-house component Database for part approval & selection efficiency
  • In-house PCB design offering full & seamless schematic-to-PCB integration
  • Automatic parts lists generated from the schematic, offering accuracy & consistency

These enable great power, control and flexibility within our design disciplines.

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