Operating at the leading edge within a wide range of market sectors and by constantly monitoring and applying the latest technology means Digisolve is ideally placed to provide innovative development solutions. This is in part achieved through our regular update meetings with the leading silicon manufacturers and distributors.

Not all engineering requirements are straight forward, not all engineering requirements have a 'clean sheet' start, or end point. Some areas of engineering require technical support, customer enhancements, 'obsolescence and lead-time' reduction.
Product development is an intricate and detailed process and the company that gets it right reaps the benefits. Digisolve continually seeks to achieve this aim.

This comprehensive background allows Digisolve to develop 'cutting-edge' products, for market-leading companies, keeping them both successful and competitive within their chosen fields.
As independent consultants, we will be happy to assist you with your development either in part, or in its entirety. With nearly two decades of product development experience, Digisolve has an excellent understanding of the electronics industry.

If you have a project in mind and feel that Digisolve will be able to contribute as a working partner then we would be happy to arrange an exploratory without obligation meeting.

PSOC mixed-signal array image courtesy of Cypress